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Dear Onlookers,

By now you’ve undoubtedly witnessed the aftermath of my unfortunate tussle with Sandy. It wasn’t pretty. But, I’d like to get a few words in because I never got my obligatory press conference. Amid chaos and crisis, it always seems like folks will speak as your proxy. Like they really know you.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m not only the fragile crane you see dangling on your television screens, computers and mobile devices. I’m also this revered city. Like most, I was tending to my own business and somewhat off radar.

Enter Sandy. I think we can all agree that she wasn’t so nice. She came in fast, furious and unpredictable. I’ll admit, no matter how much warning came from friends, I just wasn’t prepared (is anyone, really?). But I took the blow – and on a national stage, no less. Reality programming at it’s most grim.

The spotlight was suddenly on me. Was my support structure sound? Were my surroundings accounted for? Was I going to concede, break and fall?

The pundits brought their A-game to the mix. Without shame, the finger pointing commenced. Was it preventable? Are there infrastructure issues? Can we pinpoint some blame? Social media voyeurs exhibit the full spectrum of absorption – from people praying for my safety, all the way to the surreptitious longing for my collapse.

During our spat, we both lost some power. But, guess what? Sandy’s gone now. And I’m still here. I may appear vulnerable and flawed in light of what recently went down. But I’ll bounce back, as always.

Book it.


The Crane.

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