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Unwrapping Presence

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Open Letter to Prince;

So, I noticed that you no longer have an official presence on the web (unconfirmed twitter account notwithstanding). No disrespect to the team behind the now defunct LotusFlow3r website, but that’s hardly what I mean by presence.

Allow me to explain: You do a show, it sells out in minutes. You show your face, your supporters kiss it. Despite all this, YOU are purportedly slipping into an abyss of irrelevance. How, may I ask, is that possible? The internet spews countless reports of your demise, both financial and artistic. I don’t buy into it since I’m not one to subscribe to gossip and media indiscretion, but they are cramping your image, man. And, in a way you’re rendered defenseless – perhaps hoping faith will cure all ills. Spiritual warfare aside, this fight dons a very human element mixed in that you have limitless power to sway. A sway that unwraps the layers of your legacy.

Why am I writing this? I see a return to relevance that is woefully overdue. This unwrapping I speak of requires highly measured maneuvers which can’t simply be accomplished with a shiny new website or even a hot new track/record. In this day and age, you must mix it up with an entirely radical approach – a narrative, of sorts. Leveraging the power of social media to rebuild your brand is the some of the ammo at your disposal, and I think you’re in dire need of target practice.

Did I just say practice? I see a unique opportunity for you to ascend, albeit with some help. In my professional opinion, what you can use is a fresh design. And by design, I don’t mean graphic (though, it is certainly one piece). You need a select handful of folks who are tapped into the digital sphere for a solid strategy session to conjure up tactics and map out a game plan moving forward, if you haven’t already.

I know, I know… you are notorious for taking the reigns of your sled without requiring assistance. That said, I know my note here may sadly be dismissed. In the event that you’re feeling a bit radical (man), give me a shout and let’s brainstorm.

On that note, I conclude by wishing you a happy belated birthday hoping you receive the kind of presence you worked your entire life for.



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4 Responses to “Unwrapping Presence”

  1. Cassandra says:

    I swear, I was JUST thinking about this the other day. I remember Prince was one of the first artists to truly embrace the internet as a tool for their music/image/etc and it seems like since everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon; he just disappeared.

    I will admit, I’m not nearly the fan as I used to be but it is nice to see him pop up from time to time. So I completely agree with you. With so many lackluster artists out there, why is one of the few musical geniuses left with us hiding?

  2. P says:

    Good read, but Prince will never be that predictable. He has has already successfully innovated and challenged the internet outsmarted the music industry by being one step ahead. Not to mention the new CD that came in the mail free with the Sunday newspaper. His aim is to keep us guessing what will he do next. And like you said, no matter how “cramped” his image is, he will sell out as soon as the word “show” is mentioned. He knows don’t need presence to get presents. His presence on stage is more complimentary than his presence in the media–especially when working with people.

    But if he decides to take you up on the offer, make sure he pays first.

  3. Filthy Rich says:

    @cassandra – agreed re: disappearance.

    @pri – he has most certainly outsmarted the music industry, but not the internet and social media. you are not looking at this from an outsider POV but rather from the enthusiast/fan perspective. Re: paying me – not interested in money, though. i am interested in pushing the limits and agenda of traditional marketing and social media. it is foolish to assume that a plan is unnecessary.

  4. P says:

    Perhaps it is more like I am not looking at it from the outside. In that case, I agree that it would be interesting to see the case of a love affair between Prince and the Internet again. However, I still stand by my point.

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