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Scorned, Now Mourned

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Dear World,

Your second face is now in plain sight. Both faces as black and white as the man you snubbed. Oh, the irony.

Be ashamed of yourselves as you sit and weep for a man you turned your back on during his pleas for reasoning. Truth is, Michael was not perfect. In a lot of ways, he was sick and troubled. He was/is a case-study of a child that grew out from abuse – both physical and psychological. When he caved to pressure and made mistakes, he was lost to you. Lost because he couldn’t supersede the image of the dude dancing with zombies anymore. Instead, insanity is the label you bestowed. YOU, the smoking gun, wrecked Michael and ultimately did him in. How dare you draw on fond memories after his passing when last week he was the subject of your ridicule? Do you not see the sheer hipocrisy of your tears?

The moonwalk, as you are all familiar, is a dance step appearing as a forward step but in fact moving the dancer backwards. It appears as if your opinions and judgements are not dissimilar.

For the sake of our futures, I hope this event serves as a lesson for you all.


Your Guilty Conscience.

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5 Responses to “Scorned, Now Mourned”

  1. Starchild72 says:

    I hear you loud and clear, this really resonates with me.

    When ppl were on Mike’s back for YEARS, I tried to reason with many that the man had never emotionally matured, never had a real life, and didn’t really have anyone in his corner. Add having Joe Jackson as a father to that and viola…not a combination for a happy existense. I never hated on him, I always felt sad for him. He just seemed to be falling deeper and deeper with no one to help pull him out.

    Guilty Conscience, gut-check hypocrisy more often. We need you!


  2. Alex says:

    Same can and should be said about Mike Tyson.

  3. mutuelle says:

    In general he became an icon,not only by his positive side,also the negative one,he was how he should to be.And people have to learn from his story,I think the most he was famous ,the most worst things he did…

  4. He’s an icon. His achievments are amazing, he was a great artist that brought a lot of new ideas in the music industry. His addictions are just a drawback of an accident. I doubt he would have behave this way without the burns and pain he got.

  5. mutuelle says:

    he was a great artist that brought a lot of new ideas in the music industry.

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