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nycmapDear MTA,

Yesterday, I was in between tracks on my iPhone when not-so-ironically, my train too, was in between tracks. The announcement that followed instructed that the R-train was going over the V-line because of construction at 59th/Lex. It got me thinking. Let’s see: I’ve lived in New York for over 33 years now and every weekend for as long as I can remember – there has been “construction” announcements and train re-routings. Even during the maddening holiday-shopping weekends!

My question to you is: what exactly are you constructing? Something profound and immense, I hope. I mean, Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium were built in a little over 2 years. I have seen a complete transformation of Columbus Circle in the blink of an eye as well. I am positive you have something far more grand with all those years logged. A whole new speed-of-sound bullet train system? A massive underground monument to celebrate the return of the Sumerian Gods? What is it? I see all the rats scurrying in an excited frenzy and we are experiencing more and more sick passenger delays. Goodie, goodie.

Humor me and tell me you are not lying to your loyal and overly tolerant city. Yes, I say tolerant. What other word would you use for a city that does not question the “work” that is being done without any demand for a status update. Please don’t tell me that “construction” is just a code word for “we don’t work weekends.” I mean I’ve seen my one-way fare hike up from 75 cents to the two dollar mark it is today. Surely, that should cover paying some extra folks working the weekends (especially since there are plenty of unemployed folks willing to chip in). And gee, the Metrocard afforded you the luxury of cutting the jobs of all the token-booth folks, so salaries shouldn’t be an obstacle, should they?

So . . . when should we expect this “construction” to conclude? Do we have an end-date? Can I get an invite to the press-release or unveiling-party? I am greatly interested, as are my fellow brethren. Show us the greatness that is being laid between the tracks. Unless of course, it is one fat goose egg.


Strap-hanger # 10,021,974

Postscript: due to ongoing construction (of this blog), this is the last stop on the K-train. for service to the next post, please get off and take the free shuttle bus uptown.

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6 Responses to “In Between Tracks”

  1. Shahnaz says:

    OhmyGod. I can sooo relate. Why is the #1 train always on the 2/3 track on the weekends?! It’s infuriating. I feel your pain. But-working around Columbus Circle for a few years now, I will say this; the construction is STILL not completed here and what was finished didn’t happen overnight. It felt like an eternity. I am equally upset about all of this. We pay more, for LESS. I’m pretty sure that old message we can barely hear over the loud spreak, about “construction” at 59th & Lex -is bogus. They should just speak the truth, and stop mocking us.

  2. Farhana says:

    did you send this to them? i’m thinking about copying your blog and e-mailing it to them. and i think if they get it from 100 different people, it might say something.

    i sent them an e-mail once about rats at steinway and the lack of garbage cans that’s probably causing their presence. they responded, but i’m pretty sure there are even fewer garbage cans on the platform now.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I go to Grand Central after a long day of traveling to watch three #6 trains pass me and no #4 or #5. My destination is Wall St. and the #6 stops well before that. I see on the other side of the track a stopped #5 train as if it is the final destination. 10 min after it pulls away (still with no #4 or #5 in site to go downtown) a #5 train approaches the other side of the track heading the wrong directing with blinking text stating “Last Stop”!!!! what the fuck ass! Honestly!!
    I head to the #7 Train to Transfer to the #2 or #3. I ended up getting on the #1 train because I did not see a #2 or #3 in a while saying to myself, I guess I will transfer downtown and endure the local stops on this train…but I didn’t have too. Instead, someone with a clear American voice over the train loud speaker announces the #1 is making express stops to 14th St and that is the Final Stop. I transfer to the #2 train waiting for us, to find out that it is making Local stops!!! 40 min from Grand Central to Wall… I think they are polishing the rails or something pointless on the weekend because it’s every weekend and I never notice anything different.

  4. Filthy Rich says:

    I nominate Jimmy for comment of the year.

  5. Michail says:

    My sername too Kriheli,we are you from?

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